If you’re searching for the best gifts for golfers, rest assured—I know the struggle of shopping for the most golf-obsessed man.

Luckily, I’ve scoured the golfing world to compile a list of the year’s best gifts that will leave any golfer teeing off with joy. This comprehensive guide covers everything from high-tech golf gadgets to thoughtful golf accessories.


Let’s dive into the best gifts for golfers!

Top Gifts for Golfers – Accessories

1. Bushnell Golf Speaker with GPS

The Bushnell Golf Speaker consistently tops our golf gifting lists! Michael has been using his Bushnell for years, and it’s always a big hit on the golf course. The latest version features an updated CLD screen that provides valuable green information, including visible GPS distances.

You will love the magnetic strip that easily connects the speaker to any golf cart. And the battery lasts 10 hours, so you don’t have to worry about charging on the course!

2. Sunday Golf Drink Cooler

Keep your drinks chilled on the golf course with the Sunday Cooler Bag! This bag is not just a fantastic golf gift; it is perfect for your friends to take on the course, camping, road trips, and beyond. The Sunday Golf Coolers make fantastic golf gifts for your buddies. They are made of weather-resistant material and come in many trendy colors.

3. Magnetic Golf Towel

This year, the best gift for the golfer in your life is a magnetic golf towel, courtesy of Ghost, of course! Crafted with incredible waffle-textured fabric and a super-strong magnet, these towels easily attach to a club or the edge of the golf cart.

Available in a variety of colors, they are convenient to pick up off the green with a putter. The super-absorbent and waffle-textured design ensures effective cleaning of the grooves on your clubs. We know your golf buddies will love this great gift!

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4. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Got a buddy who consistently schedules those early chilly morning golf rounds? The rechargeable hand warmers are among the best golf gifts you can give your early golfing buddies. With three temperature settings to choose from and a remarkable 12-hour lifespan on a single charge, you won’t need to worry about recharging during your golf game. These hand warmers from Amazon come in a variety of colors – black, purple, green, and blue.

5. Insulated Golf Bag Cooler

The Athletico Golf Cooler is also another great option to add to your golf gear collection. It’s slim enough to fit into a golf bag, yet still holds up to 6 12 oz cans or two bottles of wine.

We gifted this bag to my dad for Christmas last year and he tells us it’s one of the best golf gifts out there. He’s used this exact bag on multiple golf courses over the year and the bag still looks brand new! This insulated cooler also works well on camping or road trips.

6. Golf Cart Phone Mount

Ensure your golf-obsessed man never misses your text with this golf cart phone mount! 😂 All jokes aside, this mount is effortlessly attachable to the cart, allowing for easy access to change music, check GPS information and more.

7. Range Finder

The golfer in your life will absolutely love this range-finder golf gift! The Tour V6 Shift is one of the best golf gifts this season. It is the most accurate and longest-ranging laser Range Finder that Bushnell has ever released.

While all of the Bushnell Range Finders are incredible, our friends agree that the Golf Tour V6 is more consistently accurate than the newer models of the Bushnell (Pro X3).

Golf Apparel

8. Travis Mathew Golf Pull Over

You can’t go wrong by gifting your golf lover a Travis Mathew outfit! Their golf apparel is incredibly stylish and versatile enough to be worn on the course, on vacations, to dinner, or even at work.

PS- Travis Mathew recently launched a golf and activewear women’s line that we are absolutely obsessed with!

9. FootJoy Golf Gloove

The best golf gift this season is, hands down, the Limited Edition Pure Touch Golf Glove by FootJoy!

Due to the strict manufacturing process with Cabretta leather, PureTouch golf gloves are only available in a limited number of stores. Fortunately, the FootJoy online shop has them in stock for the holidays. Praised for their buttery-soft feel, these gloves have received high reviews from left- and right-handed golfers.

10. Adam Golf Belt

The Reversible Braided Belt from Ghost Golf is a premier golf apparel gift! Offering top-notch quality, it’s versatile enough for golf, work, or date night. The belt provides a pleasant stretch without wearing out over time, setting it apart from other stretch material belts. My brother loves these belts!

11. Tipsy Elves Golf Polo

You might be familiar with Tipsy Elves for their Ugly Christmas Sweaters, but did you know they also offer super fun Golf Tees, like this neon dinosaur one? Tipsy Elves ensures high-quality materials, making their tees an excellent gift for any golf enthusiast.

12. Flamingo Golf Pants

Tipsy Elves also features a collection of vibrant, printed golf pants that would make a unique gift. These pants are not only fashion-forward but also boast a buttery-soft feel, wrinkle resistance, and four-way stretch, ensuring exceptional comfort during extended hours on the golf course.

13. TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes

Golfers rave about the unparalleled comfort of the LUX Hybrid Golf shoes. The new model features an Achilles heel pad and heel stabilizer, providing the golf shoes with an exceptionally comfortable and stable fit.

According to my dad, these are the best golf shoes he’s ever worn, offering excellent comfort and grip on the greens. This statement says a lot about these shoes considering my dad is VERY picky with his golf attire. Golf shoes make the best golf gifts for the holidays, birthdays, or any other gifting occasion.

14. Zip Up Jacket

Anything you order from Travis Mathew will make the perfect gift this holiday! The Travis Matthew line is so versatile that your men can wear it on the golf course, while running errands, on a flight, and even on date nights. I’m pretty sure Michaels’s closet is 90% Travis Mathew.

Golfing Experiences

15. Golf Lessons

Consider giving everyone on your list the gift of a golf lesson at the PGA Superstore to enhance their golf swing, providing them with valuable insights and skills to elevate their game.

The PGA Tour Superstore offers lesson packs for adults and children!

16. Book a Round of Golf (or gift card!)

Booking a round on UnderPar makes for the best golf gift! With fantastic deals spanning across the US, Canada, and Mexico, it’s a surefire way to treat your favorite golfer.

Not sure about their preferred course? No problem—opt for an UnderPar Gift Card, allowing them to choose on future bookings.

17. Golf Club Fitting

For the golfer who seems to have everything, consider gifting a club fitting for their next special occasion! I used to think these were just for the pros, but it turns out every golfer, no matter their skill level, can use a private session with a seasoned pro to asses their golf setup.

Gifting a golf fitting is simple – you can schedule it as a gift directly with Golf Galaxy. If you’re unsure about the specific fitting he would prefer, a Golf Galaxy gift card allows him to schedule it according to his preferences.

Golf Clubs, Bags & Balls

18. Anyday Katana Golf Bag

The Katana Golf bag is undeniably the ultimate gift! Its luxurious look and feel set it apart. With ample pockets and storage, it surpasses some competitors, ensuring you can neatly store all your golf gear and essentials. Your golf enthusiast will truly appreciate this luxurious new golf bag as a holiday gift.

19. Golf Balls

You can never have too many golf balls, and these Pro V1’s make a solid gift choice this season. This is our go-to golf gift for any golf lover. The men in our family receive Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls in their Christmas stockings each year.

20. Founders Club Travel Bag

We’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed the top Golf Travel Bags available on the market, and our top choice is the Founders Club Golf Travel Cover with the hard shell top. I gave this travel bag to Michael for his birthday a few years ago, and now he never gets on a plane without it.

The bag is also excellent for packing your golf clubs on road trips or other weekend getaways, protecting them from potential damage.

21. Customized Golf Balls

Spruce up your golf gift with a dash of humor using these custom funny Golf Balls. I snagged a set for my fiancé last Valentine’s Day, and he had a good laugh with them.

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Golf Themed Home Accessories

22. Golf Ball Drink Chillers

Searching for unique home decor gifts for your golf buddies? These golf ball-shaped Stainless Steel Whiskey Stone Chillers will keep all your favorite drinks cold in style! We think these would be a fun White Elephant Gift for the holidays!

23. Golf-themed BBQ Set

From golf to the BBQ, your man will love this Golf-style BBQ Grilling Set. It’s a fun conversation starter at all your family BBQs. This high-quality set from Home Depot comes with a BBQ set in a golf bag, making it a perfect golf-themed gift for your dad during the holidays!

24. Golf Ball Ice Cube Tray

These golf ball ice cube molds are a fantastic addition to any stocking or white elephant gift exchange. We’ve got them in our freezer, and whenever we have guests, Michael loves pulling them out – everyone gets a kick out of these! They create large round ice cube balls (in the shape of golf balls, of course), perfect for enjoying Scotch or Whiskey on the rocks!

25. Golf Club Cocktail Sticks

Elevate your post-game experience with these adorable stainless steel cocktail picks shaped like golf clubs. These Golf Club Drink picks make the perfect stocking stuffer, adding a playful touch to your favorite martini or enhancing your preferred charcuterie board. They are a delightful addition to your next golf-themed party, hitting the mark for both style and functionality.

26. Golf Whiskey Glasses

Elevate the drinking experience for golf enthusiasts with these unique Golf Ball-shaped Whiskey glasses. Crafted for both style and functionality, these unique glasses add a playful touch to the enjoyment of a favorite whiskey after a long day on the course. Your dad, brother, or husband will find these glasses to be a standout choice in the world of golf gifts.

This post is all about the year’s best gifts for golfers!

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