Traveling with your golf clubs can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right bag to protect them.

For those who don’t know this, Michael is a MAJOR golf enthusiast who never leaves his golf clubs behind, regardless of where we travel. Whether it’s road trips, overseas vacations, or spontaneous weekend getaways, Michael always manages to make time for a round of golf.

As full-time travelers, we understand the importance of having a reliable golf travel bag that provides optimal protection and durability. Airlines are notorious for breaking luggage and nothing is worse than showing up on a trip with a busted golf club (and a grumpy significant other lol)

With that being said, a reliable golf travel bag is an essential investment for any golfer who loves to hit the greens while exploring new destinations!

Here is our review of the top Travel Golf Bags!

best golf travel bags

This post is all about the best golf travel bags.

Golf Travel Bags Reviewed

1. Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro

Our all-around #1 pick for the best golf travel bag is the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro! This bag is highly regarded among golfers for its exceptional durability, craftsmanship, and spacious design. It is specifically designed to withstand the demands of frequent travel and provide maximum protection for your golf clubs.

My Dad has used his Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro on multiple flights, both in the US and internationally, with zero complaints! He loves that it can easily accommodate oversized golf bags, which allows you to pack your clubs without disassembling them, saving time and effort.

Note: If you want a smaller version of this bag, check out the standard Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate.

club glove last bag pro - best golf travel bags for luxury golf travel- Man with golf bag in costa rica with water behind him
club glove last bag pro golf travel bag in multiple colors

The Club Glove is super sleek, stylish, and sturdy. No wonder this travel bag is used by nearly every current and past Touring Player.

You’ll love that the Club Glove Pro Tour bag is made with Invista™ Cordura® 1000 D water-resistant nylon, which is said to be 3x stronger and last up to 5x longer than standard polyester found on most golf bags.

The Club Globe travel bag also has excellent maneuverability and ease of transport due to the company’s patented high-impact plastic wheelbase with integrated support and in-line skate wheels. You won’t be disappointed with this luxury golf travel bag!

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2. Founder’s Club Golf Travel Bag (our top hybrid pick!)

Our all-around #1 hybrid pick for the best golf travel bag is the Founders Club Golf Travel Cover Luggage for Golf Clubs with ABS Hard Shell Top Travel Bag. This bag is moderately priced, durable, and functions well for travelers.

We have been using this golf bag for over a year now and the bag has held up exceptionally well.

No damage, not even a scratch!

Most golf travel bags come in either the standard soft-sided golf travel bag or a fully hard-sided bag. This bag is unique in that it’s hybrid! The top portion of the golf bag is made with a hard shell ABS Top while the bottom half is made up of an All Weather soft bag material.

images show man holding folded up Founders Club Golf Bag, 2nd image shows golf equipment placed inside the best golf travel bag bag, last image shows man putting his golf travel bag into the back of a tesla.png

The bag also features padded interior and exterior pockets with straps to secure your clubs in place and therefore prevent any movement during transportation. It even includes external pockets for storing golf shoes or other golf gear.

The lightweight, yet sturdy design, makes this golf bag super easy to transport through airports, hotels, and other travel destinations. The in-line skate wheels allow for super smooth rolling, even at full-weight capacity. My favorite thing about this quality golf travel bag is that the bottom half folds up into the top, making it fit in our small storage space when not in use.

Image showcases the best golf travel bag called Founders club golf bag with side pockets with golf shoes and in line skate wheels
Man putting his golf clubs into the Founders Golf bag showcasing the golf bag with in line skate wheels and internal and external straps (similar to the Bag Boy travel bag)

Note: The Founder’s design is similar to the Bag Boy T-Hard Top Travel Cover, but without the high Bag Boy price tag.

Golf Bag Accessories You’ll Love

3. Samsonite Golf Hard-Sided Travel Cover Case

If you are looking for a hard-sided bag, then the Samsonite Golf Bag is for you. When it comes to robust protection and superior durability for your golf clubs during travel, the Samsonite Golf Hard-Sided Travel Cover Case stands out as a reliable option.

With its sturdy construction and thoughtful design, this well-padded golf travel bag cover ensures that your valuable golf clubs remain safe and secure throughout your journeys. Samsonite is renowned for its quality and attention to detail, and the Golf Hard-Sided Travel Cover Case is no exception.

Samsonite hard sided golf travel bags for your next golf trip - Michael's favorite travel golf bags. Image shows a close up of woman holding the straps that keep your golf clubs in place.

Michael used this Samsonite golf bag for almost 8 years before an airline cracked the bag and had to replace it! Yes, you read that correctly- 8 years of golf trips. Even with the small crack, the golf clubs and case were not damaged due to the internal straps holding the clubs securely in place.

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Samsonite hard sided golf travel bags for your next golf trip - Michael's favorite travel golf bags. Image shows a close up of woman holding the straps that keep your golf clubs in place.
Samsonite hard sided golf travel bags for your next golf trip - Michael's favorite travel golf bags. Image shows a close up of woman holding the straps that keep your golf clubs in place

One of the standout features of this travel cover is its spacious interior. It easily accommodates most golf bag sizes, allowing you to transport your clubs without disassembly.

The padded interior and 2 adjustable straps keep your clubs secure and firmly in place and minimize any movement during transportation to protect your clubs from any scratches or dings. The smooth-rolling wheels on the Samsonite Golf Travel Cover Case make it easy to maneuver through airports, hotel lobbies, and other travel destinations. The only issue we had with this bag is that it doesn’t fold up and, therefore, takes up quite a bit of storage space in our garage when we’re not traveling.

4. Himal Outdoors Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

If you have been searching for budget-friendly golf travel bags, look no further than the Himal Outdoors Soft-sided Golf travel bag.

You’ll love that the spacious interior provides ample room for your clubs, and the adjustable straps securely hold them in place during transit. The bag also includes extra padding to safeguard your club heads and prevent any damage. The Himal is made from heavy-duty 600D polyester Oxford material. The company claims exceptional durability and wear resistance, ensuring that your clubs stay protected throughout your travels.

budget friendly bag by Himal Outdoors- highly rated golf bags for him
favorite soft shell bag, golf travel bags by Himal - to prtect golf clubs while traveling. Picture shows Himal bag folded up into compact design

We love that this Himal Outdoors golf bag completely folds up in a super compact way, unlike most golf travel bags on the market.

In terms of value for money, the Himal Outdoors Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag is an excellent choice. It provides the necessary protection, ease of use, and durability that golfers look for in a travel bag without breaking the bank.

5. Sun Mountain Golf ClubGlider Meridian

Our top luxury Golf Travel bag pick is the Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Golf Bag. This travel bag is highly regarded among golfers. In fact, this golf bag was Awarded Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for Travel Bags for 2016-2022!

The ClubGlider Meridian is made from durable materials to withstand the rigors of travel. The dense foam padding at the top of the bag ensures the best golf club protection. But with any bag, we recommend removing your driver’s head when traveling for extra protection.

Sun mountain Clubglider Meridian one of the bests golf travel bags on the market - Sun mountain clubglider meridian color options

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Two of our friends own the Sun Mountain bag and will not stop talking about how easy the travel bag is to maneuver. Finally, after months of them raving about it, we were able to see firsthand how incredible this travel bag really is.

The unique Mountain Clubglider Meridian travel design allows you to choose between using 2 or 4 smooth rolling wheels, which conveniently pop out with a touch of a button. This allows you to easily glide through the airport or hotel lobby without being weighed down by a heavy travel bag. You’ll love that the bag has a ton of storage space! The bag includes multiple pockets (with dual zippers) for items such as golf balls, tees, gloves, or other golf accessories, keeping everything organized and easily accessible on your trip.

Fun Golf Accessories

More Golf Travel Bags We‘ve Been Eyeing

There are plenty of golf travel bags that will prevent your clubs from being damaged while traveling. Since publishing this article, we have come across a few notable bags that we felt should be added to this list! We will continue to add to this list as we test out bags in the future.

CaddyDaddy First Class Premium
$224.94 $204.95

We love that this bag has a ton of space! The wheels and handles make it easy to carry or wheel through an airport.

Buy on Amazon
03/05/2024 05:27 pm GMT
TourTrek TC PRO Travel Cover

Our neighbor just shared with us the Tour Trek TC Pro and we just knew we had to add it to our list. This bag has 360 padding which is perfect for those who travel with golf clubs frequently. The inner dimensions are 50 inches long by 30 inches wide which gives you plenty of space to pack your golf clubs, shoe bag, and any other golf accessories that you will take on your next golf vacation. The bag also comes in standard black, as well as a ton of other fun colors and patterns!

Buy on Dick's Sporting Goods

Wrap Up!

Investing in a reliable golf travel bag is crucial for protecting your valuable golf clubs during your journeys. After extensive testing and review, the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro emerges as the clear winner, offering superior durability, intelligent design features, and ample storage capacity.

For those looking for a hybrid bag, the Founders Club Golf Travel Cover Luggage with ABS Hard Shell Top Travel Bag is a solid choice. The outer pockets and roomy interior are perfect for packing everything you need for your upcoming golf vacation. The bag has held up exceptionally well.

The Sun Mountain Golf ClubGlider Meridian Club Cover Travel Bag is our luxury favorite! This golf travel bag provides golfers with a practical and user-friendly solution for traveling with their clubs. Its unique gliding feature, sturdy construction, and ample storage make it a reliable choice for golfers who value convenience and protection.

However, we encourage you to explore the other bags mentioned above to find the one that best suits your specific needs. Whichever option you choose, these top-rated golf travel bags will ensure that your clubs stay safe and secure, allowing you to focus on enjoying your golfing adventures wherever they may take you.

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FAQs Golf Travel Bags

How do I choose a golf travel bag?

When choosing a golf travel bag, consider factors such as durability, protection, convenience, and size. Look for bags made from sturdy materials with reinforced corners or hard shells for maximum club protection. Consider features like padded interiors, adjustable straps, and wheels for easy maneuverability through hotels and airports. Also, ensure that the bag can accommodate your golf bag size and offers sufficient storage for accessories.

What size golf bag can I take on an airline?

The size of golf bags allowed on airplanes can vary depending on the airline and their specific regulations. Most airlines consider a standard golf bag with clubs to be within the acceptable size limits for checked baggage. It’s recommended to check with your specific airline for their baggage policies regarding golf bags to ensure compliance and avoid any potential issues. For example, Delta bags cannot exceed 115 linear in/292 cm (length + width + height). While Southwest, allows you to bring a set of golf clubs in your golf bag free of charge, in place of its standard free baggage allowance

Is there a weight limit on golf clubs for flying?

Most airlines include golf clubs as part of your overall checked baggage allowance, which typically has a weight limit. The weight limit can vary depending on the airline and ticket class. We advise you to check with your airline regarding their specific policies and any additional fees that may apply for exceeding weight limits.

What are the best hard-shell golf travel bags?

Some of the best hard-shell golf travel bags on the market include the Founder’s Club Golf Bag (hybrid), the Samsonite Golf Hard-Sided Travel Cover Case, and other reputable brands known for their durability and protection. These bags offer a robust outer shell and reinforced corners for excellent club protection during travel. However, personal preferences and specific needs may vary, so it’s recommended to research and read reviews (like ours!) to find the best fit for your requirements.

This post is all about the best golf travel bags for your next golf vacation!

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