Finding the best non-toxic sunscreen brands for kids that are safe and effective can be a challenging task!

We know first-hand how easy it is to be fooled by deceptive marketing and hard-to-understand ingredient lists when protecting children (or adults!) from the sun.

best non toxic baby sunscreens and kid sunscreen

You would be surprised to learn how many adult and child sunscreens contain harsh chemicals.

Just because a sunscreen claims to be a ‘mineral sunscreen’ and has 1000+ 5-star reviews does not automatically mean it is safe for you or your children.

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Did you know? Toxic chemicals in many sunscreen brands are even more damaging when used on children. An infant’s skin is up to five times thinner than adults (!!), meaning toxic chemicals found in sunscreen lotions and sprays will potentially absorb into your child much faster and easier.

To simplify sunscreen shopping, we have compiled a list of our best non-toxic sunscreens for kids made with natural ingredients. These options will keep your child safe from harmful UV rays and protect them from any toxic elements in chemical-based sunscreens.

Top Non-Toxic Sunscreens for Babies and Kids

Best Non-toxic Sunscreen for Kids

The best way to protect your child’s delicate skin is to reduce sun exposure, wear sun-protective clothing, and stay in the shade. However, these options are not always possible. Therefore, parents must carefully select which sunscreen their babies should use to protect them from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Babo Botanicals is one of our favorite lightweight, fragrance-free sunscreens. It’s a bit pricer than other nonchemical sunscreens but worth every drop. We also recommend you try out the adult line of Babo Botanicals products!

Most pediatricians will recommend Babo Botanicals Baby mineral sunscreen for babies (or adults) with sensitive skin because it uses 4 organic botanicals (meadowsweet, calendula, watercress, and chamomile) to soothe delicate skin.

The active ingredient is 100% zinc and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes!

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Babo Hydra Lotion

Babo Hydra Lotion

$15.50 ($1.94 / Fl Oz)
03/07/2024 06:59 pm GMT
Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free All Natural Healing Ointment With no harsh chemicals - with 70+% Organic Ingredients & Medical Grade Colloidal Oatmeal - 4 oz.

Babo Healing Ointment

$19.50 ($4.88 / Ounce)
03/07/2024 08:17 pm GMT

The Think Baby Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen has it all when it comes to looking for a safe and effective sunscreen for your kids!

Think is a broad-spectrum sunscreen protecting from UVA and UVB rays. And best of all, there are no harmful chemicals that you will find in most chemical sunscreens (like parabens, phthalates, and oxybenzone). The reef-safe formula comprises non-nano zinc oxide, glycerin, castor oil, and sunflower oil.

Does it go on clear? Not exactly… we have fair skin, and even though this sunscreen applies smoothly and evenly, it leaves a very minor white cast on our skin.

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The Babo Botanics vegan sunscreen stick is the perfect natural sunscreen for everyday wear (yes we know… the Babo Botanicals line is so AMAZING that we had to list it twice!)

Babo Botancis sunscreen stick is perfect sun protection for kids (or adults!) who have sensitive skin and hate applying thick sunscreen creams that cause irritations. This formula is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic and comes highly recommended by dermatologists.

Our friend swears this sunscreen stick is the best non-toxic sunscreen for kids because it is effortless and efficient. Her kids have super sensitive skin, and this is one of the very few sunscreen sticks on the face that doesn’t cause rashes or eczema outbreaks.

03/07/2024 07:24 am GMT

Like many other mineral sunscreens on the list, the Badger Organics mineral sunscreen is made with non-nano zinc oxide to protect your baby’s skin from UVA and UVB sun rays!

Badger products are all made without oxybenzone, octinoxate (a hormone disruptor), and other harsh ingredients found in chemical sunscreens, making them safe for you and your whole family!

You will feel good knowing that this line of sun blockers is also reef-friendly and sustainable, certified cruelty-free, and USA-made with clean solar power.

03/07/2024 08:44 am GMT

Actress Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard created the HelloBello Mineral Sunscreen line to give all parents access to affordable, premium products for their kids!

HelloBello broad-spectrum sunscreen for babies and kids is a bit thicker than most but still rubs easily onto the skin. It provides full coverage sun protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays with minimal effort, though it does leave behind a slight white cast on the skin afterward.

We love that this baby sunscreen uses natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado, and apricot extracts! It is free from harmful chemicals like synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, oxybenzone, and octinoxate.

You’ll love that this HelloBello sunscreen is made with eco-friendly ingredients without sacrificing quality!

03/06/2024 09:06 pm GMT

You will love that Pipette Baby Sunscreen checks all the boxes! The formula is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, pediatrician approved, and EWG verified.

The Pipette Sunscreen has unique ingredients like sugarcane and wild gooseberry extract.

Sugarcane is derived from squalane, which is proven to nourish the skin and help the product glide on more easily, making it the perfect solution for squirmy toddlers. Gooseberry extract has a calming effect on the skin, adding many benefits for those with sensitive skin.

Earth Mama Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion is a nongreasy formula that provides broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. It is the perfect sun protection solution for parents of kids with super-sensitive skin.

This product is unique because it contains organic red raspberry seed oil, which is said to have the highest naturally occurring SPF value in plants! The organic colloidal oatmeal helps keep your kid’s skin rash-free and protects against eczema breakouts.

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Earth Mama Favorites!

Overview & FAQS

What are the best nontoxic mineral sunscreens for kids?

While there are many amazing mineral sunscreens, we recommended Earth Mama’s Baby Mineral Sunscreen and Babo Botanicals Baby Face Mineral Sunscreen Stick. These two contain non-nano zinc oxide as the main active ingredient and do not have any unnecessary additives like sulfates and fragrances!

baby walking on beach wearing favorite broad spectrum sunscreen with coconut oil

What is the safest sunscreen for kids with sensitive skin?

Our highest-recommended sunscreen for kids with sensitive skin is Earth Mama Organics Kids Uber Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. The formula is made with organic colloidal oatmeal to help soothe your child’s skin and prevent rashes. The company uses a range of natural ingredients (like red raspberry seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax) that are known to moisturize and protect your child’s skin!

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What are the differences between chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreens?

You will find 2 different types of sunscreen on the market: chemical and mineral.

While mineral and chemical sunscreens are designed to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, there are some key differences between them.

Mineral sunscreens contain active ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which form a physical barrier on the skin to physically deflect harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB rays). Mineral sunscreens are usually thicker and harder to spread.

Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, contain active ingredients like oxybenzone and avobenzone, which absorb UV rays to protect the skin. They are generally easier to apply and have a lighter consistency than mineral sunscreens.

mom holding baby in the sun and sharing best natural sunscreens for babies

Why should I avoid chemical sunscreens? What ingredients do I look out for in chemical sunscreens?

Chemical sunscreens are loaded with harsh ingredients that may disrupt your endocrine system, leading to various hormone disruption issues and skin allergies.

These active chemical sunscreen ingredients should be avoided at all costs:

  • Oxybenzone
  • Avobenzone
  • Octisalate
  • Homosalate
  • Octocrylene

Many sun products like Banana Boat and Hawaiian Topics contain dangerous chemicals that can reduce your body’s metabolism, energy levels, or reproductive growth. To ensure you and your kids stay safe in the sunshine, steer clear of chemical sunscreens altogether!

How do I check if my mineral sunscreen for babies and kids is safe?

To ensure the safety of mineral sunscreen for babies and kids, you should first look at the ingredients list. Just because a sunscreen says it is mineral sunscreen does not mean it is safe.

Be aware of allergens!

If you’re shopping for baby-safe sunscreen, look out for natural oils that may be an allergy for your child (like coconut oil, avocado oil, and almond oil). Before slathering your little one up in it, perform a patch test first to ensure that your child is not allergic to any of the inactive ingredients listed on the bottle!

girls in bathing suit using zinc oxide mineral sunscreen we love with organic shea butter

A general rule when looking for safe sunscreens:

  • Avoid chemical sunscreens that contain active ingredients with oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, homosalate, and octocrylene.
  • Avoid Parabens, Propylene Glycol, added fragrances or essential oils, and sulfates.
  • Avoid Sunscreen sprays. Inhaling even small amounts of titanium dioxide can cause lung damage to you and your little ones.
  • Look for sunscreens with Zinc Oxide as the ONLY main active ingredient.
  • Look for sunscreens with broad spectrum coverage to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

If you are still unsure if sunscreen is nontoxic, check EWG for the rating!

This post was all about the best non toxic sunscreens for kids.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your doctor/pediatrician to ensure the best health outcomes. 2TravelingTheWorld will not accept responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the information provided in this article.

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