Looking for the best safety gadgets for traveling the world? We have you covered!

Traveling is all about adventure, exploration, and making memories. But it’s crucial not to overlook safety. Whether you’re venturing through bustling cities or exploring serene landscapes, having the right safety gadgets by your side can make all the difference.

best safety gadgets for traveling for your next vacation

From portable carbon monoxide alarms to privacy screens, here are your travel safety essentials. 

Safety Gadgets for Traveling

1. Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Sadly, Carbon Monoxide poisoning is more common than you may think, especially in countries without robust safety standards. This silent killer can strike unexpectedly, but with the right precautions, this silent killer is entirely preventable.

This is where the Portable Carbon Monoxide alarm comes in!

Whether you’re settling into a hotel room or a cozy vacation rental, this compact companion safeguards you and your family from the threat of carbon monoxide.

We purchased this nifty safety gadget after reading about a tourist who sadly became a victim of Carbon Monoxide poisoning at a hotel in Mexico. Now, it’s a non-negotiable in my travel safety kit!

2. Everyday Anti-Theft Backpack

Regarding anti-theft bags, PacSafe takes the lead as the trusted brand. Offering a diverse range of safety products for travel – from everyday backpacks to RFID-blocking wallets, crossbody bags, and laptop carriers – their products are not only durable and highly functional, but they also contribute to turtle conservation projects through the Pacsafe Turtle Fund, making each purchase meaningful.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, PacSafe is on a journey to transition to recycled materials. It strives to create every bag with recycled components, ensuring lasting quality.

Back in 2017, during my days navigating the bustling streets and hours of public transportation in San Francisco, I made a savvy choice by investing in the PacSafe women’s city backpack. Little did I know this bag would accompany me across multiple countries, becoming an indispensable travel companion.

Engineered with innovative anti-theft features like interlocking zippers, cut-proof material, and RFID-blocking pockets to secure your belongings.

3. Door Stop Alarm

This essential portable door-stop alarm ensures privacy and safety in any travel accommodation. If you’ve experienced the struggle of falling asleep in an unfamiliar hotel room or VRBO rental, you’re not alone.

This personal door-stop device serves a dual purpose: it notifies you of unauthorized entry (e.g., hotel staff accessing your room without your knowledge) while also alerting you to little ones who may sleepwalk or wonder in the middle of the night.

Whether you’re a solo explorer or traveling with the whole family, the EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm is your solution. Slide this safety item under your hotel room door for an instant peace-of-mind boost!

4. Portable Door Lock

You’ll love this lightweight, easy-to-use door lock that offers an extra layer of security for hotel rooms, apartments, and even college dorms.

Setting it up is a breeze—no tools or complex installation are required. It swiftly attaches to nearly any door, giving you peace of mind instantly.

As you may have read in our 43 Most Useful Amazon Travel Must Haves, these door locks are always in our travel safety kit.

We purchased the Ace Mining Door locks after our hotel in Morocco accidentally assigned us the same room as someone else! We were getting ready when another hotel guest opened our door, thinking it was theirs. Thankfully, the guests were not harmful and quickly shut our door when they realized the mistake. After that incident, we always visited hotel rooms with a secondary door lock.

5. Privacy Screens for Computer and Phone

As someone who often works remotely while traveling, these privacy phone screens for your cell phone are a game-changer.

No more nosy neighbors!

Keep your digital world private with screens that shield your devices from wandering eyes. Whether in a crowded coffee shop or on a flight, your privacy remains intact with our favorite Privacy Screen Protectors.

6. RFID Blocking Wallet and Passport Holder

Digital pickpocketing is on the rise! Prevent electronic pickpocketing with a wallet or passport cover that has RFID-blocking technology. They safeguard your sensitive information from prying eyes and digital theft.

We recommend either the Ekster Slim Leather RFID Blocking Wallet or the Hayvenhurst Minimalist Wallet, which both have RFID-blocking Safety Features.

8. Fake Wedding Bands

Are you nervous about bringing your expensive jewelry on vacation with you? We’re the same. We rarely travel to a foreign country with our nice jewelry!

Consider slipping on a faux engagement ring or silicone band. Whether you’re anxious about misplacing it during an outdoor adventure or about international theft, opting for a duplicate ring while traveling is a savvy move.

Macy’s has many great cubic Zirconia Engagement ring designs for you!

9. Mini First Aid Kit

Compact and comprehensive, this MY MEDIC kit has everything you need for your travel injuries.

The MyMedic Ready Pocket First Aid Kit is the ultimate on-the-go companion for your safety needs. Compact enough to fit snugly in your car, clip onto your bag, or tuck into your purse, this kit ensures you’re always prepared.

With color-coded, injury-specific MOD,and a sleek and water-resistant case, it’s your one-stop solution.

The MY MEDIC first aid kit includes:

  • Koko Electrolyte Drink mix
  • SuperSkin Blister Strips
  • Burn Gel
  • Medicine Pack (Ibuprofen, APAP, Aspirin, Diotame, Medi-Meclizine, Diphen, Cold & Flu Med)
  • Antiseptic Wipe
  • Topical Safety Items (Hand Sanitizer, Triple Antibiotic, Lip Balm, Sunscreen, White Petrolatum, Hydrocortisone, Oral Pain Relief, Friction Frosting)
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Super Skin Bandages
  • Downloadable Stay Alive Guide

We’re the proud owners of two of these MY MEDIC kits. The first one finds a permanent home in our car and quickly becomes an essential accessory for our Tesla during road trips. The second My Medic Kit is our trusty companion on all our vacations. I’ve lost count of the times this tiny kit has come to the rescue—from blisters to minor cuts, it has been our go-to first aid kit.

10. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is your essential travel companion that encrypts your internet connection, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure, even when using public Wi-Fi networks. From banking transactions to social media updates, we use NordVPN whenever we connect online while traveling.

NordVPN has been our go-to VPN for years! It’s easy to use, affordable and has great customer support.

11. Hidden Wallet Hair Scrunchie

Tucking cash or identification into your pocket without proper protection is a recipe for disaster.

Introducing the clever Hidden Pocket Scrunchie – a unique accessory that’s as stylish as it is practical. Featuring a discreet zipper, it’s the perfect stash spot for cash, keys, or any small valuables you want to keep safe while on the go.

These hidden scrunchie wallets are my go-to during music festivals or lively outings. They allow me to travel light while keeping my essentials secure and accessible.

Also Shop: The Hidden Pocket Scarf

12. Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

Birdie built this personal alarm for women. Although we are firm believers that a Birdie personal safety alarm should find its place in everyone’s travel safety kit.

Think of it like the modern-day safety whistle.

Whether you are being pickpocketed, harassed, or uncomfortable, trust your gut and activate your Birdie device. The personal alarm will start a loud siren and begin flashing a strobe light to help create a diversion and bring all eyes to you.

13. Travel Safety with Travel Insurance

While not a physical gadget, travel insurance is an essential safety net that provides peace of mind in unforeseen emergencies. Most Credit Cards offer basic travel insurance. However, you may want to consider global travel medical insurance for full coverage.

Our top choice for global medical insurance is Safety Wing.

You’ll love that the Safety Wing platform is easy to use, affordable, and has great customer support!

Wrap Up

There you have it – our curated selection of top safety gadgets for your upcoming travel adventures. From innovative secondary door locks to inconspicuous security accessories, these tools are more than just gear; they’re your partners in ensuring a worry-free, safe vacation. Whether traveling solo or embarking on family adventures, these gadgets are designed to keep you secure. So, pack your bags and rest easy, knowing you have all the best travel safety gear by your side.

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