A little birdie told me that you were looking for the best laugh-worthy golf gifts. Your search ends here. It’s that time of year when your golf buddies deserve a dose of laughter, and we’ve got just the swingin’ selection for you.

funny golf gifts

My fiance is obsessed with golf; therefore, I am always searching for hilarious golf gag gifts to add to his Christmas stocking.

From the fairways to the greens, we have rounded up the most ridiculously funny golf gifts guaranteed to give your golf buddies a laugh!

1. Exploding Golf Ball

The Exploding Golf Ball is one of our top golf gag gifts. Sneak an exploding ball into your buddy’s golf driving range golf ball tee and wait for the priceless reaction when they tee off, and their ball explodes.

Note: These exploding golf balls look different from a standard golf ball, so your best bet is to sneak it into their golf bag or onto a tee when your golf buddy isn’t paying close attention.

2. Funny Golf Towel

03/06/2024 04:24 am GMT

ShankIt Golf has a range of humorous golf accessories for you to choose from including this cheeky ‘I clean my balls with this towel’. Hanging this towel from your golf bag not only ensures you have a reliable towel for cleaning your balls but also guarantees a few chuckles from your fellow golf buddies who appreciate a witty touch on the course.

It’s a fun conversation starter and a practical addition to your golfing gear, all rolled into one!

3. Custom Golf Ball

You can’t go wrong with custom funny golf balls. You’ll love that you can customize a variety of golf ball brands including Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made, and Bridgestone.

I ordered these for Michael for Christmas last year, and miraculously…. he still has them!

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4. Funny Golf Ball Marker

Looking for funny golf gifts that are as funny as they are practical? Look no further than the pro-tec ball marker collection. This ball maker makes the perfect present for your family members for Christmas or other holidays.

5. Funny Golf Printed Tee-Shirt

Searching for the ideal funny golf gift for your golf buddies? Look no further than the 323 line of ‘I Made a Hole in One’ gag gift tee shirt. Crafted to bring laughter to both men and women, it’s a versatile choice for all golf enthusiasts.

The 323 line of sweatshirts, t-shirts, crew necks, tanks, and other attire will be sure to give your golf friends a good laugh.

6. You Suck Golf Glove

Boost your buddy’s golf game to a whole new level with the SHANKITGOLF middle finger golf glove. Not only does this left-hand golf glove bring a touch of humor to the course, but it also provides a firm grip and a luxurious softness, perfect for precision play.

7. The Secret Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Meet everyone’s favorite golfing companion, the Kooler Klub golf bag drink dispenser! This is one of our favorite funny golf gifts as it seamlessly blends into your golf bag and masquerades as an ordinary golf club while on the golf course.

You’ll love that it has a generous 48-ounce capacity, designed to accommodate your favorite beverage, sparing you from the hassle of traveling with cans or bottles or lugging around a separate cooler.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, the Kooler Klub is the perfect addition to any golfer’s gear, ensuring you stay refreshed and focused on the game, sip after sip!

8. Adidas Women’s Golf Hat

The Adidas ‘I’m Not The Cart Girl’ hat is the perfect golf gag gift for your fellow female golfing buddies. This hat isn’t just a statement piece; it’s a practical choice for sunny days on the golf course.

My friend purchased this Adidas hat for me at the PGA West Pro shop last year. Every time I wear it, everyone around me has a good laugh.

9. Funny Golf Squatty Potty

The golf squatty potty is one of our all-time favorite golf gag gifts. We surprised my dad with it for Father’s Day, and everyone had a good laugh. It’s not just a hit for special occasions like Christmas white elephant gift exchanges, bachelor parties, or Father’s Day; it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser year-round.

What sets it apart from other funny golf gifts on our list is that it’s not just a joke – it’s a genuinely useful product. Every time someone enters the bathroom, the humor is undeniable.

The potty putter is compact and easy to stow away, with foldable legs and a removable green part for effortless cleaning. Considering the price, it’s a fantastic deal that never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

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10. Golf Gag Gift Dad Hat

This Dad Hat is the ultimate gag gift for golfers with a sense of humor. It’s a clever twist on a well-known classic, sporting the same font style as the famous ‘Titleist’ brand.

We handed this hat to one of our golf friends, and the best part was watching him take a moment to register that it wasn’t the real brand. It’s the kind of playful surprise that brings a good laugh to the golf course!

11. Funny Emoji Golf Cover

No more stinky shots with the funny emoji golf covers.

The poop emoji golf cover is one of the best golf gag gifts that appeal to both kids and adults alike. This club cover is more than just a protector; it’s a conversation starter on the golf course.

12. Hilarious Golf Marker

The middle finger ball marker is a funny golf gift for your friends that showcases a bit of sass on the greens.

This ball marker is the perfect way to inject some humor into your or your golf buddy’s game and proudly display their distinctive personality out on the green.

13. Beer Me Golf Towel

A Beer Me golf towel is a great gift for any golfer who enjoys a few refreshing drinks during their round!

Why interrupt a game by trying to flag down the cart girl? Simply drape this large, vibrant towel over your windshield. Not only will you stand out effortlessly to the beverage cart, but it will also send a clear and humorous message to the driver about refreshment needs.

You’ll surely get a few laughs from the beverage cart driver and other golfers when they spot your creative towel sign.

14. Golf Lovers Coffee Mug

Why settle for ordinary golf instructions when you can sip from a coffee mug that cheekily advises ‘Swing, Swear, Look for Ball, Repeat’?

This coffee mug is tailor-made for your golfing buddies who appreciate a good laugh with their morning brew.

Beyond its humor, it’s also dishwasher-safe, making it a practical yet hilarious choice for a golf-themed gift that’s sure to hit the mark.

15. Golf Balls with Funny Sayings

Among the top picks for funny golf gifts, you can’t go wrong with printed golf balls featuring witty sayings like ‘World’s Okayest Golfer,’ ‘On Par #1 Dad,’ and ‘I Should Be at Work, Best Dad by Par.’ These humorous golf balls add an extra layer of fun to the game and make for memorable gifts for golf-loving dads and enthusiasts.

My fiance received a funny golf gift with balls that read “If found, hit better than the last guy”. These were such a fun golf gift idea for Christmas gifts or to give out at a Bachelor party.

16. Golf Buddy Whiskey Set

Looking for more elegant, funny golf gifts for your ‘below par golfer’? Look no further than this Green Cor Whiskey Glass Set.

The witty engraved saying on the box adds a delightful hint of humor to this otherwise high-end golf-themed bar gift. This Whiskey set exudes a luxurious feel that your golf friends and family members will love.

We purchased this kit and a nice bottle of whiskey for a friend, and they loved it!

17. Golf Course Interactive Game

Spice up your next round of golf with this on-the-course game. You will be presented with a new golf challenge at each hole on the course. This makes the perfect gift for the avid golfer or newbies.

Our friends turned this gift into an on-course drinking game at the last bachelor party we were on.

18. Pen Set Golf Gag Gift

A mini golf pen set? Yes, please!

The desktop pen set is a hilarious golf gag gift suitable for gifting to anyone, from your coworker to your boss. Its appropriate humor transcends workplace dynamics, bringing a touch of laughter to every office setting.

19. Funny Stamp for Golf Balls

Elevate your presence on the golf course with the ‘Mine’ golf stamp marker. This stamp makes marking and identifying your golf ball easy so there is no confusion about what bad golf shot was yours. Choose from stamps that read Mine, GOAT, and Birdie.

20. Funny Golf Gift Table Book

The 501 Golf Excuses is one of the best golf gag gifts for those who continuously have a “rough day on the golf course” or who always seem to have a creative excuse when their round doesn’t go as planned. This whimsical collection of excuses adds a humorous touch to the world of golf and serves as an excellent coffee table book.

We personally gifted it to my dad, and instead of buying a traditional card, we all took part in filling its pages with laughter, making it a memorable keepsake that captures the spirit of the game and the camaraderie it brings.

21. Emoji Putter

When your golf buddy’s having a rough day on the green, hand them the Poopy Emoji Putter! It’s one of our top picks for funny golf gifts to brighten up your friends’ time on the course.

Take it a step further by handing him or her a set of poop emoji golf balls – perfect for those rounds that feel a little less than stellar. Laughter is guaranteed; you’ll turn a challenging golf day into a memorable and light-hearted experience.

Wrap Up

Out there on the greens, where folks are usually all about perfect swings and nailing those putts, throwing in some humor can make a regular golf day feel like a wild adventure. With quirky golf ball markers, fun club covers, and witty golf-themed gear, these funny golf gifts aren’t just about laughs; they’re all about making memories. So, whether you’re surprising your golf buddy, marking a special occasion, or just spicing up your game with some humor, these gifts are like a hole-in-one for a good time!

This post is all about funny golf gifts.

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