A few months ago, a friend reached out asking if we knew where she could buy a budget-friendly weekender bag inspired by Beis. She wanted similar features — like trolley sleeves, shoulder straps, and a separate shoe compartment— but on a budget.

best beis weekender bag duplicate

After doing some research (& placing a few big Amazon orders!), we were able to put together a great list of weekender bags inspired by the popular Beis bag that won’t break the bank.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beis travel line– it is stylish yet practical; offering a variety of luggage and duffel bags, as well as other must-have travel accessories.

We own the Beis’s ever-popular (and always sold-out) Weekender Bag and Miss Maggie’s favorite Béis everyday Pet Tote.

weekender bags for dogs. this bag is the Beis Pet tote for small dogs

We understand that buying a Béis can be quite costly. However, we highly encourage you to support Béis whenever possible because Beis products are sleek and made with high-quality material that are made to last!

(PS The New Beis Mini Weekender is back in stock for under $100!) ↓↓↓

Looking for a Beis Alternative? We have your back with our list of cost-effective Beis alternatives that will make you look stylish on your next weekend getaway.

Best Beis Weekender Bag Lookalikes

1. Minkars Weekender Bag

Our #1 Weekender Bag is Minkars!

Initially, we were hesitant to try this product because it was new on Amazon and didn’t have many reviews yet; however, taking that chance paid off—this carrier has now become one of my most loved travel items.

The Minkars weekend carry-on is perfect for your next weekend getaway! We love it because it has plenty of space and features similar to the Beis Weekender Bag.

NOTE: The color is slightly darker than what is advertised. (But TBH, we like the darker tan even better)

We give the Minkars a 4.9/5 rating.

03/07/2024 10:25 am GMT


  •  Wide opening so you can pack a ton of items for your trip.
  •  Small toiletry bag included for other carry-on flight essentials like AirPods
  •  A padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 15.6-inch laptop & USB charging port
  •  Shoe compartment (we also use it for dirty laundry and toiletries)
  •  Trolley sleeve to slide over your suitcase handle
  •  Separate compartments on the outside for quick item grabs
  •  Easy-access zip pocket outside for our go-to flight essentials
  •  Size: 17”L 16.5”H 8”D (additional 10″ strap that folds down)
  •  Best of all, it fits under an airplane seat as a personal item (on most flights)
MIKARS perfect carry on for weekend getaways or other gym essentials


  • The fabric feels just a little less luxurious than the Beis weekend bag. Next year, we will report on how well the faux leather is holding up compared to our Beis vegan leather.
  • The faux leather has a slightly unpleasant factory odor that we had to air out for a few days.
  • The water bottle holder is on the inside so not as easily accessible.

Alternative Weekender Bags You’ll Love

2. LEDAOU Weekender Bags

The LEDAOU is another stylish carry-on for your next weekend trip! We love that this bag is less than half the price of the Beis bag making it a super affordable alternative.

The LEDAOU bag also features many similar features to the popular Beis bag like the trolley sleeve, a bottom compartment for shoes or toiletries, and multiple pockets to organize all your travel essentials.

We give the LEDAOU a 4/5 rating.


  •  Even on restricted airlines, such as Spirit, this item fits perfectly within the personal item size restrictions.
  •  Water-resistant Oxford fabric for those inevitable rainy days or spilled drinks.
  •  Lightweight
  •  Separate shoe compartments to separate your sneakers and dirty clothes from your clean outfits.


  •  The stitching on one of the pockets was a bit off, which we may need to fix later.
  •  The brand does not offer the same color options as the Beis Bag.

3. ETRONIK Weekender Bag

This bag has been all over Instagram lately, with micro-influencers claiming it to be the “best Beis Dupe”!

The company advertises this product as a gym bag (which it’s great for!), but it can easily be used as a carry-on travel bag or hospital bag like the Beis Weekender.

We give the Etronik Weekender a 4.1/5 rating.


  •  USB external charger so you can easily charge your phone on the go. (Powerbank sold separately)
  •  Fit under most airline seats. We took this bag on our recent Delta and United flights as a personal item without issues putting it under our seat.
  •  It comes with an extra matching makeup bag to add your travel gear (makeup, chargers, etc)
  •  Durable, water-resistant nylon material.
  •  Internal wet bag zippered storage for dirty or wet items (sweaty gym clothes, swimsuits). We use these bags to store toiletry items.
  •  Extra shoe bags with two air vents to disperse the smell of dirty shoes.
  •  Comfortable padded straps.

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  •  The shallow water bottle pocket didn’t hold our water bottles well.
  • The trolley sleeve is thinner than the Beis and Minkars Weekender, which may make your bag slide off more easily.

4. Sam’s Club Weekender Bag

We’ve been trying to get our hands on the Sam’s Club Bag for months. The popular Weekender bag always seems to be sold out!

But then, a friend of ours was finally able to score one – so we were excited that they let us borrow it for an entire weekend to test it out.

We give the Sam’s Club Weekender a 4/5 rating.


  • This bag is super stylish with a similar design to the Beis and other duplicate bags.
  • The bag itself can hold a lot! You can easily squeeze 7 to 10 days’ worth of outfits.
  • Ample space with a separate bottom shoe compartment.
  • Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can exchange or return the bag if you are not satisfied with the purchase.


  • The top handles are not as comfortable as the Beis Bag. However, Sam’s Club claims they are working to redesign handles for better comfort.
  • The canvas on the Beis bag is a little softer than the Sam’s Club Weekender.
  • Inventory goes quickly, so you have to watch the site for a restock constantly.

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Wrap Up

After taking a deeper dive into the Beis Weekender, and similar Amazon bags, we have determined that the Minkars is the perfect match for our lifestyle. Beis has a lot of the traits we are looking for in an ideal weekend bag, such as a trolley sleeve, laptop pocket, and shoe pockets – all features that can be found with our Minkars Amazon purchase!

Note: The Minkarks are a slightly darker tan material than the Beis. TBH, we like the color of the Minkars much better anyway!

alternative weekender bags for the Beis. Image shows faux leather color difference between Beis and Minkars weekender bags

Earlier, we noted two of the Minkars’ most prominent flaws: the factory scent and the lack of a water bottle pocket. Thankfully, after some time outdoors, the factory scent went away! Hopefully, in future updates to this design, a beverage holder will be included on its exterior. Until then, we’ve purchased an external luggage drink container!

Whether you choose the Beis Weekender, the Minkars, Etronikor Sam’s Club Weekend Bags, we hope you find the ideal luggage for your upcoming weekend adventure!

This post is all about finding the best afforadable Weekender bag inspired by Beis.

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