Are you contemplating traveling with jewelry on your next vacation? Then this article is for you!

traveling with jewelry tips. Image of woman holding out her engagement ring in a pool

Now that I am recently engaged, I am even more aware of the challenges of traveling with jewelry. Over these past few months, I’ve been testing these travel jewelry tips to curate a definitive list of the absolute best practical tips for securely packing and wearing your jewelry on vacation with ease!

1. Capture Photographs of Your Jewelry

Before setting off on your vacation, be sure to snap photos of the jewelry items you plan to pack! These visual records of your fine jewelry are invaluable if you ever need to file a claim due to loss or theft.

Capture photos of your jewelry before travelling.

Ever been on a trip where you swore you packed something you didn’t?

Been there, done that!

Last summer in Portugal, I was on a wild hunt for my favorite sapphire earrings that I was dead sure I packed. Turns out, I didn’t (cue facepalm). Instead, I spent an hour tearing my suitcase and jewelry cases apart, looking for these earrings. If I’d taken photos of my jewelry before taking off, I’d have saved myself some major suitcase stress.

2. Smart Selection: Choose Your Jewelry Wisely

Consider packing jewelry pieces that effortlessly fit with a range of outfits.

This strategic selection minimizes the number of items you need to carry while ensuring you’re ready for any occasion.

pack jewelry that is versatile for multiple travel occasions

I am no fashion expert, but I can say that this strategy not only saves me from over-packing but also ensures I’m prepared for any adventure that comes my way, whether it’s a spontaneous rooftop dinner or an impromptu beach bonfire.

Looking for waterproof and sweat-resistant jewelry to take on vacation with you? Be sure to check out Ellie Vail – The Original Water Resistant Jewelry.

3. Safety First: Insure Your Jewelry

Jewelry insurance is your safety net. Although often overlooked, insuring your jewelry provides peace of mind, safeguarding your valuable pieces against unforeseen events.

You can easily receive a jewelry travel insurance quote from companies like BiteCo. This company lets you insure your engagement ring, stud earrings, family heirlooms, nice watches, and other valuable pieces through their easy-to-use website.

Steps to take if an engagement ring or other fine jewelry is already insured:

If you already have jewelry insurance for your fine jewelry, take the time to understand your individual policy. Typically, your policy will cover all jewelry listed, with a few exceptions.

Let’s say your husband initially insured your engagement ring under his policy. Now that you own and wear the ring, you must ensure that you are listed as the “jewelry wearer” on the policy. You can call your insurance company to change the jewelry wearer anytime.

Confirm with your insurance representative that all loss, theft, damage, or disappearance is covered in all countries you plan to visit.


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4. Organized Elegance: Invest in a Jewelry Roll or Wallet

A jewelry roll or wallet is a traveler’s best friend. This compact accessory, perfect for stowing in your bag, keeps your jewelry organized and tangle-free.

We highly recommend investing in a Wolf1834 Jewelry Organizer– trust us on this one! This renowned company offers stunning styles and colors, ensuring something suits every taste and travel aesthetic.

Wolf products are a bit pricer than most jewelry organizers, but we can vouch for their exceptional quality! These organizers are built to last, no matter where your travels take you.

Our Favorite Jewelry Organizer!

You’ll love the different options to store jewelry – including a zip pocket for bracelets, tangle-free loops for necklaces, and mini hole bands to store individual earrings or a wedding band.

PS: If you want a cheaper alternative to packing jewelry, check out Amazon’s collection of Jewelry organizers.

5. Onboard Essentials: Travel with Jewelry in Your Carry-On

Never place your jewelry in checked luggage! We have all heard the horror stories of airlines losing luggage. But can you imagine the disappointment if they lost a piece of luggage with a family jewelry heirloom?

how to pack expensive jewelry on vacation. image shows jewelry case filled with nice jewelry to pack.

Keep your jewelry secure by carrying it in your carry-on bag. This way, you control its security and accessibility throughout your journey.

6. Subtle Sophistication: Be Discreet

While your jewelry might be stunning, it’s wise to be discreet, especially when traveling alone or in areas with higher crime rates. Blend in and avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

For solo trips or trips to areas with high crime rates, consider leaving your expensive jewelry pieces home and opting for a fake wedding band or other cheap jewelry alternatives.

7. Radiant Sparkle: Pack Jewelry Cleaner

Out of all the jewelry tips, this one is my absolute favorite!

We always carry a MIND jewelry cleaner gel pen for on-the-go touch-ups! It’s a simple way to keep your jewelry looking its best, no matter where your travels take you.

You press the pen, brush over your jewelry, and rinse off! It’s that easy.

8. Use Hotel Safes

When you’re not wearing your jewelry, store it in the hotel safe. This precaution ensures your pieces are protected while you enjoy your adventures worry-free.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard stories about travelers leaving valuables out while their rooms are being cleaned, only to come back to find their items had been swiped! This can happen in even the most luxurious hotels.

9. Sun and Shine: Apply Sunscreen and Insect Repellent with Care

Protect your skin and jewelry. Before you start applying your non-toxic sunscreen or insect repellent, be sure to remove your jewelry.

I made the mistake of spraying insect repellent without removing my Apple Watch. The chemicals in the repellent got onto my Apple Watch Band, making the dye from the band stain a bright red mark around my wrist. My skin was stained red for a week, and the apple band was ruined.

Wrap Up

And that, my fellow travelers, wraps up our essential guide to jet-setting with your jewelry. These nine tips aren’t just suggestions; they’re tried-and-tested advice from my recent adventures as a newly engaged explorer.

From snapping pics of your jewelry to smartly selecting versatile pieces, these tips are your passport to keeping your precious gems safe and your style intact as you roam the globe.

So, whether you’re exploring bustling markets in Portugal, lounging on sun-soaked beaches in Hawaii, or savoring impromptu rooftop dinners, rest assured your jewelry is right there with you, adding a touch of elegance to your adventures.

Lastly, don’t forget the small details—sunscreen and insect repellent can do more harm than good to your jewelry. For a little extra sparkle, keep a trusty jewelry cleaner on hand to ensure your gems shine wherever your journey leads.


What are the best ways to keep your jewelry organized in your luggage?

Travel jewelry organizers are a fantastic solution to keeping your jewelry organized in your luggage! As we stated earlier, your favorite brand of jewelry organizers is Wolf1834. However, there are other options for you to consider that may be more useful to your individual jewelry packing needs. Let’s delve a bit deeper into these options and the “hows” and “whys” of using them to keep your jewelry organized during your travels.

  • Travel Jewelry Organizers: These compact and specialized organizers come in various forms – from rolls to pouches and cases. They offer dedicated compartments for various types of jewelry, preventing tangles and ensuring everything has its place. Some even have anti-tarnish linings to protect your precious metals. Check out Wolf1834 for high-end options. Amazon also has a variety of lower-cost alternative jewelry organizers to consider.
  • Ziplock Bags: Small ziplock bags can work wonders if you’re in a pinch and don’t have a jewelry organizer. Place individual pieces or sets of jewelry in separate bags to prevent tangling and scratching. We also recommend hanging the claps on the outer edge of the bag to prevent further tangles. Plus, they’re transparent, so you can quickly spot what you want.
  • Pill Cases: Those pill organizers with multiple compartments can be repurposed to hold small earrings, rings, and delicate necklaces. It’s an affordable and handy option for keeping your jewelry sorted.
  • Straws: For delicate necklaces, string one end through a drinking straw and clasp the necklace. This prevents it from getting tangled with other jewelry pieces.
  • Jewelry Rolls: Aside from travel-specific jewelry organizers, regular jewelry rolls can also be used. They have pockets and compartments for rings, earrings, and necklaces and then roll up compact to put into your suitcase or favorite Beis carry-on.
  • Soft Fabric Pouches: Keep the pouches that often accompany your jewelry purchases. They are perfect for holding individual pieces and preventing scratches. You can use these in addition to your jewelry organizer for an added layer of protection.
  • Use a Scarf: Lay your jewelry out on a soft scarf, then fold the scarf over and roll it up. This method works well for larger or chunkier jewelry pieces that do not fit in a travel jewelry box or roll.

This post shares helpful tips on traveling with jewelry!

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