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From luxurious all-weather floor mats to scratch-proof glass protectors, we have Tesla Model Y accessories that will help you stand out from the crowd and make your car travels easier and more enjoyable!

Best Tesla Model Y Accessories. The image shows all the best tesla model Y accessories that you can buy aftermarket. Images show bling tesla stickers, valet card holders, bling valve covers, and screen protector

Best Tesla Model Y Accessories 

1- Valet Key Cover

The Valet Key Card holder is one of the best Tesla Model Y accessories!

Unfortunately, a car wash vendor accidentally lost our Tesla valet card. Soon after, we purchased one of our favorite Model Y accessories, The Tesla Valey Key Card Holder!

This handy Tesla accessory is perfectly designed to fit the Tesla Model Y Valet Keys. It’s made of high-quality yet stylish leather and can clip onto a valet stand key station (…. and hopefully not be lost!)

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2- Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The tempered glass screen protector is one of the must-have Tesla Model Y accessories for all Tesla owners. It adds an essential layer of defense to protect and maintain the touchscreen from any dirt build-up, fingerprint smudges, or scratches.

After reading through a few Tesla community threads, we went with this Tempered Glass recommended Screen Protector from Amazon.

The screen protector was definitely easy to install. The kit comes with everything you need, including alcohol-cleaning clothes, lint stickers, and helpful videos.

3- Phone Mount and Sunglasses Case

The Tesla Model Y Phone Mount and Sunglasses Case is another one of our top Tesla Model Y accessories.

While we love our Tesla Model Y, we think the center console lacks proper storage space for your sunglasses.

This mount clips directly onto the center touchscreen Model Y monitor and can hold your phone or sunglasses in the back hidden pouch.

4. Door Organizer

One of our favorite Tesla Model Y accessories is this door organizer. It’s advertised as a sunglass holder, but you can use it to store any accessory like your keys, wallet coins, pens, or other miscellaneous things you have stored in your car.

The organizer is easy to install and doesn’t look cheap!

5- Bling door handle

The Top Dall Crystal Rhinestone Door Handle Cover is the perfect Tesla Model Y accessory for Tesla owners who add a touch of bling and luxury to your Tesla Model Y.

6-Sleeping Mattress for Tesla Model Y

If you are looking for the best Tesla Model Y accessories for road trips, look no further than the Telsa Model Y sleeping pad mattress!

This memory foam sleeping mattress makes car camping so much more enjoyable. The sleeping mattress is made of high-quality material and is easy to fold up and store in the frunk of any Tesla!

7- Front and Rear Tesla Model Y T Bling

Another one of our favorite aftermarket accessories for the Tesla Model Y is the Top Dall Crystal Rhinestone Bling for the front and rear T on your Tesla emblem.

These are super easy to install with their peel-and-stick adhesive!

8- Laptop Table Steering Wheel Tray

If you are looking for a great way to get work done while on the go, then this laptop tray is one of the best Tesla Model Y accessories for you!

The steering wheel tray easily attaches to the steering wheel and is perfect for typing or eating meals on the go.

9-Tesla Model Y Lighting

Ready to jazz up your Tesla Model Y? These LED light kits are your ticket to adding some fun and flair to your ride! Toss in cool blue, purple, or red LEDs in your trunk, frunk, door puddle, or foot wells – you have options!

NOTE: Just a heads up, the purple leans more towards a pink vibe. Check out the Amazon reviews for some pics of the Purple lighting kit and pick the perfect shade to give your Tesla a laid-back, colorful vibe.

10- Center Console Organizer Tray

If you are looking for an upgraded way to organize small items like keys, coins, and sunglasses in the Tesla Model Y center console, then you need to order the console organizer tray!

Before purchasing this tray, all our smaller items were rolling around in the center console, making a ton of noise.

We hope Elon and the Tesla team add a better center console organizer to future models. But until then, there are a ton of Tesla accessories made for organizing that you can buy aftermarket.

Please note: This tray console is the perfect fit for Tesla owners who have a slide-close center console. It does NOT fit rotary-close consoles.

11- Retractable Sunshade for Model Y

The Retractable Sunshade for the Tesla Model Y is a great way to keep your car cool and protect your interior from fading.

We live in the California desert for a few months a year, and the interior gets SO HOT! This sunshade is a game-changer for us.

It has 100% UV Protection and Heat Resistance and will keep your car cool without draining the battery pack on hot days.

12- Steering Wheel Bling

I know, I know… more bling! But we couldn’t resist. The Top Dall Crystal Rhinestones Bling Steering Wheel Cover is perfect for adding sparkle to your Tesla Model Y.

This high-quality steering wheel Tesla accessory will glam up the Interior and get you many compliments from friends and family. 

best tesla model y accessories to protect your screen

13- Sunshades

The 6-piece Sunshade Set for the Tesla Model Y is another great accessory for keeping the interior cool and protected.

These sunshades are some of our favorite Tesla accessories because they are designed to perfectly fit the windshield, front side windows, and rear side windows of your Tesla Model Y.

They’re easy to install and remove with no tools necessary.

14- Valve Stem Covers

We couldn’t forget about the valve stem covers for your tires!

Valve Stem covers are popular aftermarket Tesla Model Y accessories. Amazon offers a wide selection of Valve cap options.

Of course, we had to buy these crystal valve caps! Our Tesla has upgraded rims (like 1000 of other Tesla owners), so to make our car stand out, we had to add a little bling to our tires.

15- Cargo Trunk Cover

The Tesla Model Y Cargo Trunk Cover is one of the best aftermarket accessories.

Although Telsa does provide sentry mode, we still prefer not to have all our stuff exposed while we’re on the road.

The Cargo Trunk cover comes with an install kit with all the necessary hardware.

16- Center Console Cover

The material on the Tesla Model Y center console begins to fade and wear over time (especially if you have a dog or kids climbing all over your car!)

In our opinion, the console cover is one of the absolute best Tesla Model Y Accessories. We love this PU leather memory foam console cover by Basenor because it also comes with a small hidden storage pocket perfect for storing valet keys, cords, or other miscellaneous items.

Basenor makes Tesla Model 3 and Model Y center console covers to protect from damage like dirt and pet claws.

best tesla model y accessories to protect your screen

17-All Weather Floor Mats

Our absolute favorite Tesla aftermarket accessories purchase thus far is our Basenor Floor All-Weather Floor Mats.

These all-weather floor mats are made from heavy-duty rubber to keep your Tesla Model Y clean and protected from the elements.

The set has floor mats for the front, rear, frunk, rear storage, and a truck mat.

We love that these all-weather floor mats feature anti-slip backing with deep treads for maximum protection and are waterproof and dirt-repellent.

The floor mats are also super high quality! We have had these floor mats in our car for 2 years and they still look brand new.

18- Underseat storage

The Tesla Model Y under-seat storage is an awesome way to maximize storage space and keep important items organized.

This storage box fits perfectly underneath the front seat and can hold umbrellas, books, documents, sunglasses, snacks, and more.

It’s made of high-quality ABS material, and the inside is lined to protect your items from rolling around and scratching.

19- Bling cup holder

The Rhinestone Cupholder Coaster Set is one of our favorite Y Accessories to bling out your Tesla.

The Rhinestone set is waterproof and dustproof and comes in many different colors!

Please note that these coasters are 2.73 inches. Be sure to check your Tesla model for fitting.

20- Back Seat Organizer

The Backseat Storage Box should also be on your top list of Tesla Model Y accessories to purchase.

Not all of our items fit in the center console, so this backseat storage box is one of the best aftermarket accessories for organizing extra items like water bottles, chargers, and other miscellaneous items.

The storage box is a perfect fit in the back seat of the Tesla Model Y. Storage options are available for the Tesla Model 3 as well.

21- MagSafe Phone Mount

The MagSafe phone mount for Tesla is an ideal accessory for individuals who prefer using their phone’s GPS over the Tesla navigation system. This is particularly useful for Uber drivers or anyone who finds the Tesla navigation less appealing. Crafted with a robust MagSafe magnetic design, these Tesla accessories offer easy installation with a user-friendly kit.

Once installed, you can effortlessly adjust the arm to achieve your desired phone position. What we love most is that the mount features padded details to protect your Tesla screen.

22- Car Vacumn

Truth be told, we’ve tested our fair share of budget car vacuums, and let’s say there’s a reason they come with a low price tag! Most of them stopped working within a few months, and nearly all suffered from pitifully short battery life.

We swear by Dyson’s compact, high-quality vacuum for a spotless Tesla interior! You’ll be thrilled with the array of accessories it comes with, like the Hair Screw Tool that effortlessly tackles long and pet hair, and the anti-tangle conical brush bar for sweeping up crumbs and dirt from your Tesla floor mats.

It’s super lightweight and fits like a charm in my Tesla’s trunk storage. Don’t forget to grab a car charger for on-the-go power-ups. This Dyson vacuum has become our go-to Tesla accessory, especially for road trips and beach vacations—a game-changer!

Note: If you plan to use the Dyson solely in your car, you will also need to purchase this vacuum charger.

03/07/2024 08:48 pm GMT

23- Portable Air Compressor

You will love this portable air compressor kit for your Tesla. With its impressive speed and pinpoint accuracy, it stands out as the perfect tire inflator. Plus, it’s equipped with a bright light for those moments when you inflate a tire in the dark.

The design is super compact, making it easy to store in your center console or trunk storage. We also love that you can easily recharge this device while driving.

There you have it- our carefully curated list of Tesla Model Y Accessories to enhance your driving experience, ensuring both functionality and style. From practical solutions like phone mounts and high-quality vacuums to innovative organizing and storage gadgets, each item adds a touch of convenience to your Tesla journey.

This post shares all of the best Tesla Model Y accessories.

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